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Welcome to Stillwater Lakes Community Activist!

ImageWe are a growing group of property owners who reside in the planned communities known as Stillwater Lakes and Stillwater Lakes Estates whos common areas are owned and maintained by Stillwater Lakes Civic Association (SLCA).

Our goal is to create an open honest and transparent relationship with SLCA, one that follows the covenants, conditions and restrictions associated with our properties, and who conducts all meetings adhering to the following expectations:

  • Modern Rules of Order will be followed at all board meetings.
  • All property owners will have an opportunity to speak and be heard.
  • The Board will schedule meetings with set agendas and will provide property owners with notice well in advance of the events.
  • The Board will be open and honest and transparent regarding all SLCA activities.
  • The Board will guarantee fiscal responsibility in all SLCA dealings.

The property owners of Stillwater Lakes and Stillwater Lakes Estates cannot have faith in the SLCA Board of Directors unless there is complete transparency. If there is nothing to hide, then transparency cannot hurt. Please register to participate in polls, leave comments, and allow us to contact you regarding important events, meetings and happenings.

Please note: This website is neither owned or operated by Stillwater Lakes Civic Association or its Board of Directors. We are just community members frustrated by the lack of communication and fiscal responsibility of the board and management company. The articles, notices, advertisments and any other information on this site does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the website or the Stillwater Lakes Civic Association's Board of Directors or management company, unless expressly and specifically stated therein. Thank you!

Stillwater Lakes Civics Association is currently managed by Appletree Management Group Inc. If you have any questions or comments please call the property manager at 570.421.5409, or at the SLCA office (Friday and Saturday, 9-4) at 570.839.7870.

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