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 on: August 04, 2013, 11:07:34 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Noreen
Even though the articles of incorporation for Stillwater Lakes Civic say their purpose is to keep residents safe and foster communication we know better, thanks to being sued by the board, motioned by Maria Santorro-Hernandez and fully supported by Ron Kluge and Matt Ducey, to shut down this website because it was trying to foster communication and keep residents informed.  The suspect was caught around 1 this afternoon IN OUR COMMUNITY after breaking into a home and threatening its residents.  It took over 12 hours for Vector Security and Jim Ott/Appletree Management to notify residents there was an armed and dangerous man in our community.  We were very lucky no one was shot or killed, again no thanks to those who are paid to keep us informed and safe. 

Read the details at
THANK YOU to those who did help and fulfill their duties! 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why people are not paying - why pay for something you clearly are not getting???  Vector will use its speakers to pull you over but not warn you of imminent danger.  Jim Ott/Appletree will send emails about movie nights and events outside this community but not of crimes happening in the community until well after it has been reported by the outside media. 

Just Friday Jim Ott stated that residents will be informed of incidents if there is a "rash of crime" after residents complained of not being informed of the happenings in the community.   So approximately 24 hours later and he can't keep his word.  Unless, of course, we need SEVERAL armed and dangerous criminals roaming the community.  Great job JIM !  And great job to the board that sings Jim Ott's praises!!!

 on: August 04, 2013, 11:08:25 AM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Noreen
You mean this article?
I got a call and text from neighbors this morning and I see Appletree sent an email at around 10:30 this morning, about 12.5 hours after this started.  I'm guessing Vector Security didn't notice people lined up trying to get home?  The swarm of police cars? How did the Pocono Record hear about this but Vector and Appletree Management did not?  Not very comforting!  Even if this place were gated he could have easily walked out while residents were locked in/out!

 on: August 04, 2013, 10:18:41 AM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by ANNA MAE K MILLS
A gated community?? I see, would that help what happened last night!!!
This mornings Pocono Record had a great article about the community!!
Sounds like the adventures of Mr. Ralston and article A .What a voting
meeting that was,the police were invited to that one.[Patty still pouting]
By the way with all the police visits in the neighborhood.

 on: August 02, 2013, 05:44:02 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Noreen
Just a reminder that tonight at 7 is the rescheduled annual meeting.  The original one was rescheduled because of a lack of a quorom.  The following information/misinformation was given:

  • There are several rumors going around that the board plans to make this a gated community.  That is not only ineffective for security purposes but expensive, requiring not only the gates, many repairs, and 24/7 staffing, but is illegal as per the deeds.  Thankfully Lou the president said this rumor is untrue.

    Ray Zavada our auditor said "the reserve cash stayed about the same." While this may be true for the 2012 calendar year, reserve cash dropped by $167,943 between then and April 30th of this year.  Very misleading.

    We were told the $100,00 to do the latest road coating (it was not paving, just a leveling coating) was from money gained from refinancing and that 'it's not costing us a thing.'  None of this makes any sense at all on any level.

    A resident was told our accounting was done on a cash basis.  This too is wrong.  Documents call our accounting a "modified cash basis."  There is no such thing in valid accounting.  Mr. Zavada said we use cash accounting internally and accrual accounting on the audits.  This is not normal and James/Jim Ott himself stated in court documents that using 2 different types of accounting at the same time makes it very easy to hide things.  Matt Ducey the treasurer insists there is nothing to hide despite his refusing to let residents and even directors see financial documents.  Hmmmm.

    Mr. Zavada stated that $ flows from 1 account to the other and that it's ok.  It is not as per the bylaws, but it is not his job to abide by there rules.  That is up to the board, Jim Ott/Appletree management and our legal advisors to make sure these are followed.  This is only one of several instances they are not doing their jobs.

 on: July 12, 2013, 12:49:52 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by THE EXPERT

   Come on Nik! This is no Nickle and dime game!

Have you got half-a-million to put up? Thatís what it will take to get rid of them!

   Between Dues, Sewer, and Security they have enough money to run you out of the country!  Welcome to the world of Pennsylvania corruption, which is one of the few states in the country that refuses to set up a Condominium, Co-op, Private Community Commission to investigate these clowns.

   The Office of Attorney General is useless!  Any complain file with them under consumer protection will come back to you with a letter informing you that they don't represent individuals in court, and that this is a private matter between you, your lawyer, and the association lawyer.

   So unless you are prepared to declare personal bankruptcy, donít ask why nothing has been done.  By the way, if you can get just one hundred concerned citizens to contribute $100.00, to go after them, that might keep you out of bankruptcy.

   But donít be surprised when the good citizen says ďI donít want to get involved,Ē then you will understand why in our community's Gaddafi and Mubarak are alive and well.

Good Luck

 on: July 12, 2013, 09:41:15 AM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Noreen
Do you have proof of these allegations?  If so, why hasn't anything been done to remove these people?
Yes, I have papers found within almost 15,000 of mostly irrelevant documents (referred to as data dumping, designed to up the costs and overwhelm defendants), meeting minutes and witnesses.  In one meeting I even offered to take a lie detector test if the other directors would do the same.  The idea was quickly dismissed.  But I'm sure they have nothing to hide!   Wink

Why hasn't anything been done to get rid of these people?  There has been evidence of ballot tampering, and these people lie, cheat and possibly steal, all with the blessing/assistance of others paid for with community funds.  Those that ask questions are harassed, bullied, sued, etc.  Some are scared, some lazy, some stupid enough to believe well-documented liars.

 on: July 11, 2013, 07:59:22 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by THE EXPERT
      You can remove Hosni Mubarak and you can even take out Maummar Gaddaffi, but only if have a community with a sense of dignity and self respect.
These clowns on the board have been around longer than Hosni Mubarakboth and Maummar Gaddaffi.
       Like the above mentioned dictators who have unlimited funds, our dictators hire lawyers and management agents to keep them exactly where they charge of the loot!

 on: July 11, 2013, 03:21:02 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Nik
Do you have proof of these allegations?  If so, why hasn't anything been done to remove these people?

 on: July 10, 2013, 06:06:39 PM 
Started by David - Last post by ANNA MAE K MILLS
Something my mother told me a long time ago.
When someone does something really bad and
is not held accountable the children pay.

 on: July 10, 2013, 01:31:08 PM 
Started by Noreen - Last post by Noreen
Believe it or not I agree with one thing Maria Santorro said.  "We need to be smart, budget conscious, but boldly pursue many positive changes."  BUT, in six years she has proven incapable of any of these. 

1.  Smart?  NO!  An engineer was talking about the critical situation of the dam and how it should not be disturbed.  Maria's next statement was that she wanted to plant trees and flowers on the dam.  Nice idea but clearly NOT SMART. As secretary, responsible for keeping minutes as well as keeping them and the tape recordings safe and secure, she could not explain how there were two different sets of minutes of a meeting and the recording of that same meeting was missing.  NOT SMART NOR RESPONSIBLE!

2.  Budget conscious?  NO!  Maria voted AGAINST residents voting on security and chose a company that cost more for guards that would actually act and not just sit there and wait for the police to show up.  Less service for more money - not smart nor budget conscious.  She also voted for more expensive and lower quality lawyers, management, accountant, plowing and paveing.  Again, not smart or budget conscious!

3.  Boldlly pursue postive changes?  She is bold, but clearly not positive!  Just ask the many people, myself included, that she has spread false and nasty rumors about.  Not positive nor neighborly, and clearly no way to build a community.

Maria Santorro embodies exactly what is wrong with corrupt politicians - they think they deserve special treatment.  While other residents have been told they need permits to pave driveways, put up fences and walls, encroach on the easements and disturb wetlands & the lake, Maria stated "I don't need a permit!" While residents in good standing were denied their right to speak at meetings, Ron Kluge, Matt Ducey, Dave Weinstein, Nancy Schmerber, Bonnie Combs and Maria Santorro were all marked as being in bad standing.  This was in discovery documents provided by the Association's very own legal team of Young and Haros. It's no wonder they don't care about spending your money - it's not theirs!

Maria actually fought against residents promised right to have another vote on security.  Why?  Because many people were dissatisfied with the cost of security for the service received, and for good reason.  Residents are being billed almost $280,000 yearly for a contract that cost at most $165,000.  Now they are still billed that same amount for part-time security!  Fraudulant amd illegal!

If you care about this community and your property values, motion and vote to remove Maria Santorro, Matt Ducey and Ron Kluge at this week's meeting.  Only then can this community be turned around and be a better place to live.  This, of course, is just the humble opinion of someone who sat on the board and saw Maria Santorro, Ron Kluge, and Matt Ducey in action.

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