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Author Topic: Elections for new Board of Directors  (Read 3777 times)
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Taking Back our Community!...

« on: June 25, 2009, 08:43:57 AM »

Well folks, it is quickly approaching that time of the year again.
A time in which we as residents of Stillwater Lakes get the opportunity to vote on who will ultimately be making decisions in this community that affect many, if not all homeowners of SLCA.

Below is a list of the current candidates running for the board.


I'll begin with the two candidates I fully support and ask that you all join in on supporting them in their efforts to become board members by casting your votes for them.

Noreen Gorka---(Currently a board member)
Noreen has been on the board for little less than a year, but has truly proven herself as a "fiduciary", by standing her ground on issues that affect us all. She has remained strong, despite all the badgering and abuse she has had to endure from the other board members (excluding April Bunji).
Noreen will stand up for our rights and will continue working hard at accomplishing a very common goal of acquiring transparency within this association.

Annie Mills
Annie too, is a strong candidate that has been fighting against the board for quite some time now, regarding issues that have basically been affecting the pockets of each and every homeowner at SLCA. She has attended many meetings in which she has handed out valuable information to the homeowners.
Annie will continue her fight, and will give it her all to ensure we as homeowners of this community are getting our money's worth in amenities.

I have never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Douglas Hausler. I would imagine the best place to meet any candidates running for the board would be at any of the regularly scheduled meetings; however, of the 30 plus consecutive meetings I have attended, I have never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hausler. Nothing personal--but that's not a good sign. Furthermore, Mr. Hausler ran for the board last year and didn't even attend the election to at the very least, vote for himself.

For the respect that I still do have for the elderly; I'll just say, "Time to retire, quit while you're---not so far behind."

I did get a chance to meet Megan back in the day of the PUC/ Co-Op issues, during one of the meetings 12 months ago. Unfortunately I can not offer support in her candidacy, as I have not seen her at any of the 20 plus meetings ever since.

Again---nothing personal, but I can not, and will not support anyone who has not been able to attend any of the regular meetings.

In my honest opinion, a candidate for this board must be one that is willing to fight for our rights and shares a great interest in what is important for the majority of the homeowners. There is a multitude of issues going on in this community, and the only way to stay in the Know is by attending the meetings and/or frequent visits to this site.

Anyone not meeting the above requirements would probably not make a good board member.


P.S. For those of you that are wondering why my name is not on the ballot...well, let's just say the board has illegally deemed me "not in good standing" in a valiant effort to keep me from running, as well as speaking at meetings, and any and all other great benefits of being a member of this association.

That attention is focused on something else, but in the mean time, I will still continue to attend all meetings and will work my hardest to support all those that are fighting for a better community.
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Concerned Citizens of a Pocono Community
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« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 09:11:30 PM »

From Appletree’s “EXPERT REPORT” prepared for owners at Sunrise Lake.

“There is no current formal association, nor trained owner’s group which is ready to accept ownership and control.”

How many of the SLCA Board members, have experience or know anything about running a business?

How many of the current candidates for the Board can claim that they have experience in running and managing a business, with a budget over a million dollars in revenues? ( I am not referring to David Weinstein who back in the mid 90's ran a business with his wife called, “Stylish Habitats” which was nothing more than a front for raiding the community budget.)

If you have no experience in running or managing a business, then you have no business running for a seat on the SLCA Board of Directors.

We’ve had enough of clowns who have managed to turned this community into a three ring circus.

Oh yes, you are right! It’s only a two ring circus!  Clarabell got rid of the water company!

Shall we now change our name to Doodyville?

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