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Author Topic: Questions for Annual Meeting Saturday, July 12th  (Read 3872 times)
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« on: July 10, 2014, 05:03:32 PM »

Some questions to ask the board:

1.  What did the board and their lawyers do to cause a malicious prosecution and abuse of process lawsuit?
If they are telling you the truth (ITRTUTT) - they are being sued for wrongly  using the legal system to harass residents.

2.  How much have legal fees cost SLCA?
ITRTUTT - hundreds of thousands of dollars and counting, WAY, WAY MORE than they spent on the roads and sewer combined during the same time frame.  Crazy isn’t it?

3.  Speaking of crazy, how could Ron Kluge, running again for the board, say “we were able to repair and resurface many roads in the community by budgeting money received in dues and using our reserves without a dues increase” knowing full well that the dues and sewer fees have steadily risen? 
ITRTUTT – Ron Kluge has lied to the courts and judges, and clearly doesn’t have a problem lying to you and putting them in black and white.  Just look at your bills that have increased year after year.  Also, reserves are to be kept as reserves, not for general maintenance.  Just another example of the board not following rules.

4.  The President, Lou Killian, keeps saying the road work last year  “didn’t cost us a thing.”  Who is paying for it then?
ITRTUTT – you are.   The board just added more debt.

5.  Why suggest 2 changes to the bylaws but only let us vote on 1?
ITRTUTT – The only person term limits would affect right now is Ron Kluge.  It is highly irresponsible for the board to present one change and not the other.  Except for those who have a lot to hide.

6.  Why are you keeping such an inept management company, Jim Ott and Appletree Management company?
Who knows what they are providing, except maybe a willing accomplice in some directors’ lies and schemes (possibly NEPA Management and Tom Wilkins’ too).  Jim Ott, like Ron Kluge, is also a well documented liar.  (Birds of a feather…)  Well run communities have property managers work for them, the community, not a company trying to make money from them (a clear conflict of interest).

PLEASE attend the annual meeting this Saturday and vote for change.  Otherwise this community will continue its downward spiral, just as our roads, sewer, pool, ...

Note: the above questions and answers are just my opinion, formed after being on the board for several years and seeing the "inner workings" firsthand, as well as reading all of the court filings and financial documents over the years.
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