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Author Topic: $ecurity  (Read 3658 times)
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« on: October 23, 2008, 02:30:38 PM »

Just checked the recent security poll results, and it clearly shows there are at least 43 people not in good standing-----or at least that is what the board will say regarding the landslide of "NO" voters.

It was already mentioned in the last meeting that, "the homeowners that disapprove of security are those not in good standing"  Duhhhhh!! Smoke screen if you ask me!

That's not the major issue. More important is the fact that we were told one thing and now all has changed in a valiant effort to keep the sleep jeep in our community.

It seems to me the speeding has gone down due to the speed mumps more than anything else.

Copper pipes were hit not to long ago; however, lot owners can rest assured that not a single tree, blade of grass or weed has been reported stolen.

As far as professionalism is concerned, I believe every single officer but one, has been replaced for one reason or another. (Professionalism was involved)

At the last meeting I was privileged to get a first hand look at what I believe is the storage medium where all our complaints are filed. Its a small 8 gal. Rubbermaid container. All complaints are a clear plastic Glad bag, most likely archived at the local municipal waste site. (most likely for confidentiality purposes.)

Can you hear the frustration here???

Folks, lets face it...something just aint right here. If there are 40 or more of you that feel the same way about security, chances are you're not happy about the other things going on in this community as it applies to the board and management.

They have pretty much labeled me "Public Enemy Numero UNO (1)" Why--because I fight for what is right?
When I say "Numero UNO" I mean that there are a whole bunch of others fighting as well. For damage control they'll claim I'm the only one.

Now the latest is that I've been deemed not in good standing, supposedly not having anything to do with money. Hmmmm? I was told publicly by Patti (Patricia) Gleason that I threatened her in writing. I was also told publicly that I was not in good standing by Bonnie Board member. Both statements untrue and just another effort to keep me quiet.

What's next, they'll shut off my sewer? Hmmmm? ...probably beginning to sound a bit familiar to the SLCA long time homeowners?

Until I get my "Good standing" back, I'll need for someone to keep me informed of any and all meetings.
I kind of missed the one they had Tuesday night at the clubhouse.

We need more voices...and ears at all of the meetings.
Reminder to all...All homeowners are entitled to attend any and all meetings (aside from those "labeled as" executive sessions).

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« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2008, 09:27:16 AM »

A brief lesson in keeping our community together!
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